Our Story


Hi, I am Narelle Simpson, and I would like to tell you how Natural Sports Energy came to fruition. Firstly, a little bit about my history. I have been involved in sport all my life and became a swim teacher in 1977 and a swim coach in 1986. Originally a P.E. teacher I have always been involved with coaching sport. I have taught all ages how to swim, pre-schooler to adults. In the late 90s I placed swimmers on the World short course team then 2000 Olympic and Paralympic teams, and this success continued, with swimmers on World Championships, (both short and long course), Commonwealth Games, Pan-Pacific (Pan-Pacs) teams and all major World Cups. I was a coach on the Australian teams, which gave me an immense insight into the energy systems and the importance of good nutrition. I was fortunate to work alongside the best sports scientist, dietitians, and nutritionists in Australia.

The start of the light bulb moment

I have been aware for a long time that it is hard to find products that offer energy and the nutrition needed when exercising, training, or competing consistently without elevated sugar and preservatives

 – and none of them are created with children in mind.

I would often suggest to parents they water down the energy drinks currently available. They contain too much sodium, artificial additives, and/or sugar, also suggesting children eat low GI food and drink water throughout the day. This is essential for them to sustain their energy for their active lives. This pertains for everyone no matter their age.

I believe nothing can replace a good diet however active people, especially children, do not always want to eat pre and post exercise, and often, more so than not, require additional nutritional support.

I began reading the labels of the sports drinks and supplements people use, and realised the lack of choice in the market, especially for the children and teenagers who are highly active.

It is not recommended that children supplement their diets with the products adult’s use. Children have different nutritional requirements. Many products contain copious amounts of sugar, artificial colours, and flavours.

Natural Sports Energy’s evolution

In 2019, I was approached by Ausphex’s founder Shan Kanthar, an industrial chemist with over 28yesrs in the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in formulations and drug development, to discuss business opportunities. I was excited. After many meetings and discussions, we set forth, formulating the best (so I think) electrolyte supplement, utilising, Shan’s extensive knowledge encompassing all the ingredients I wanted to use. What followed was wide ranging research, sourcing the latest medical and nutritional advice - and Natural Sports Energy was born!

It took more than eight months of intensive work to develop the correct balance of natural products to support the body to revitalise, repair and sustain energy before, during and after exercise. The formulas are created for the whole family including children six years and older.

What started as a journey to create the perfect electrolyte supplement has resulted in the development of three unique nutritional products, focusing on active children whilst still ensuring adults and teenagers can enjoy them! In 2020 COVID arrived in Australia and that stunted the growth of Natural Sports Energy. After much deliberation, many meetings, and discussions I decided to reformulate and only create two quality products instead of three.

The products

Energy+ - A natural electrolyte supplement. It helps to sustain the intensity in training, so your body does not have to work so hard internally to keep its natural equilibrium. It is a natural Low GI electrolyte with no artificial flavours or colours. A great tasting drink that products energy during training. This product has a 4.5-star health rating. Now independently tested and approved for WADA banned substances, and with added magnesium it is the perfect electrolyte supplement before and during intensive workouts.

Nutrition+ – Is high in protein with natural vitamins, minerals, and ions. It contains a natural fibre, which acts as a prebiotic for the gut and colostrum which supports lean muscle tissue growth. This product has a 5-star health rating. No isolates are used, meaning, this product not only has high quality protein but does not lose the mineral or vitamin content by using isolates.

I am excited and proud to offer families nutritional sports supplements made to support the growing bodies of active kids, people, and families without the artificial additives – and I am confident everyone will love the taste!

Natural Sports Energy is 100% Australian owned and produced. I have sourced the best natural and organic ingredients. All products are tested and approved by an independent laboratory for WADA banned substances.

The Natural Sports Energy range is unique and I cannot wait to receive your feedback.

Narelle Simpson, proud owner, and inventor of Natural Sports Energy.